Let’s understand what is 3CX SMB vs 3CX Pro vs ENT. Do you know how they say that a name has meaning? We’ve kept that in mind. We’ve decided to change the name of StartUP PRO to 3CX SMB, or Small Business. Why? mainly because it is more logical. The variety of businesses we serve—from small and medium-sized businesses to professional and large corporations—is better reflected in our new name. Having the appropriate tools can make a big difference in modern business communications. Whether you’re a startup or an established company leader, 3CX offers a variety of options to meet your unique requirements. Let’s look at the features of the three newly released 3CX editions—SMB, PRO, and ENT—and see what they offer.

3CX Free

If you want to have 3CX Free forever. Let’s begin with the fundamentals. 3CX FREE, formerly known as StartUP FREE, is precisely what it sounds like a free chance for businesses to take advantage of a reliable communication solution. Whether your business is a tiny startup or expanding and needs up to 10 users. This plan offers features to simplify communication. Consider it as a next-generation phone system. That offers features like video conferencing, team messaging, and the ability to work from any location. For those who are just starting with advanced communication tools, it’s the perfect starting point.

3CX offers different editions tailored to different business needs:

3CX SMB – Small Bussiness3CX PRO – Professional3CX ENT – Enterprise
When your business grows and your communication needs become more complex, the 3CX SMB edition fills the void. Expanding on the groundwork started by the FREE plan, SMB serves companies with up to 20 users and provides extra features like voicemail-to-text, call queues, multi-level IVR/auto attendant, and comprehensive monitoring tools. With a two-month trial period and reasonable monthly prices, SMB gives aspiring small businesses the tools they need to effectively manage their call flows and make wise decisions.The standard option for larger installations and businesses with up to 750 users is 3CX PRO. With features like call recording, CRM integration, hot desking, dedicated installation options, and smooth Microsoft 365 integration, it improves your communication infrastructure. Whether self-hosted or hosted on your dedicated instance, PRO enables businesses to grow without losing their competitive edge. You guessed it—a free two-month trial period is available to assist you in making an informed choice.The Enterprise edition is the ultimate 3CX offering, and it is the last one. Complete control over your communication ecosystem is provided by ENT, which is designed for large-scale organizations with 1000 users or more. ENT guarantees that even the most complicated communication requirements are satisfied with features like skill-based routing, advanced call recording options, custom IP phone logos, and MS Teams integration. For businesses looking for a top-tier solution, ENT offers outstanding flexibility and scalability whether hosted on-premises or in your private cloud.

Trial Period and Expanded Hosting Options

Now, we have understood 3CX SMB vs 3CX Pro vs ENT. 3CX thinks it’s important to give you as much time as you need to thoroughly consider our communication solutions. Unlike many other companies in the B2B space, we provide a generous 60-day free trial period for this reason. Before committing, we want you to feel the genuine worth of our product and see how it can fit your needs as a business. We’re happy to announce enhanced hosting capabilities, supporting up to 256 Simultaneous Calls (SC), in addition to this generous trial. Our scalable hosting guarantees dependability, adaptability, and scalability specific to your business, regardless of your size—from small startups to large multinationals.

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Hope we have cleared your doubt on 3CX SMB vs 3CX Pro vs ENT. The newly redesigned 3CX edition lineup—FREE, SMB, PRO, and ENT—offers a wide range of choices for various business sizes and complexity levels. There’s a 3CX edition for every need, from startups looking for affordable solutions to large enterprises needing the best control and scalability. Why then wait? Signup for 3CX Free. Use 3CX to improve business communication right now.