By clicking a single button, you can easily upgrade to the rapidly advancing V20. Although the “Upgrade” option is not currently visible in your Admin Console, it will promptly appear the moment the final release is launched—provided you’re on V18, Update 9!

Preparing for V20 – Set that System Owner!

As previously indicated in Update 8 and Update 9 Beta, it is imperative to designate a System Owner in order to proceed with the V20 upgrade. Systems lacking a System Owner role will be ineligible for the upgrade. 

Examine the access levels associated with each role and determine the most suitable person for the task.

Other Additions/Improvements

Provider updates:

  • Amazon Chime Voice Connector (New)
  • VoiceMeUP (Updated template)
  • Vocus (Updated template)
  • unyc (Updated template)
  • Beeline MPBX Account (New)
  • Beeline Beeline MPBX IP-Based (Updated template)
  • Reventix (Updated template)
  • UPC S. GmbH (Updated template)

Note: that OS upgrades will be temporarily hidden until the release of Version 20 Final

Get V18, Update 9

Navigate to the admin console and select the most recent update: “New V18.0 Update 9.

View the complete changelog here

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