You can now make 3CX calls while driving with our updated iOS app.

3CX’s latest update brings full Apple CarPlay support to the 3CX app, making it easier and safer to stay connected on the road. You can make calls, send and receive messages, and check your voicemail using your voice. Let’s explore these new features and how they can help you stay in touch while driving.

Make Calls with Siri & Apple CarPlay

You can now call anyone by saying, “Hey Siri, call Aman using 3CX” or “Hey Siri, call 9873052128 using 3CX.” If you have multiple contacts with the same Siri will prompt you to select the appropriate name.

Reply, Send & Search for Messages

Sending messages is just as easy. Just tell Siri who you want to message, and before sending the message, Siri will repeat it. Siri will repeat the message before sending it if you just tell it to the person you wish to message.  You can edit or cancel the message if needed.

When you receive a message, you’ll get a notification on your car’s dashboard, and Siri will read it out loud. To reply, tap the notification and dictate your response to Siri.

A different way to look for messages is to say, “Hey Siri, find messages from [contact name].” After reading the most recent messages, Siri allows you to ignore, repeat, or respond.

Check Your Voicemail

Accessing your voicemail is simple. Simply say, “Hey Siri, call voicemail using 3CX,” to access your voicemail.

Setup 3CX with CarPlay

Use a USB cable or wireless technology to connect your iPhone to your car in order to use 3CX with CarPlay. The screen of your phone will show up on the display in your car. Tap the 3CX app to start using it. You can:

  • See your team’s status and manage your contacts.
  • Access your call history and voicemails.
  • View and reply to chats.

Key Features:

  • Team: See all local extensions and tap on a user to call or message.
  • Contacts: Access your iPhone’s contact list and tap to call.
  • Recents: View your call history and tap to call back or leave a voicemail.
  • Voicemail: See all your voicemails, with new ones highlighted. Tap to listen or call back.
  • Chat: View recent chats. Siri will read them out, and you can reply with voice commands.

Note: Lists are limited to 24 items or less, depending on your car’s manufacturer.

Benefits of iOS CarPlay Integration

CarPlay integration with 3CX makes communicating safer and more convenient while driving. To manage calls and messages without taking your hands off the wheel or your eyes off the road, use Siri voice commands.

Key benefits include:

  • Operate hands-free with minimal need for manual input.
  • Access your communication tools directly from your car’s infotainment system.
  • Quickly reach contacts, messages, voicemails, and calls.

Get Apple CarPlay for 3CX Today

Update your current app or get the new one from the App Store.


  • A car that supports CarPlay.
  • iOS 16 or newer is installed on an iPhone.
  • The 3CX app for iOS.

Stay connected safely and easily with 3CX and Apple CarPlay.